Jen the Enabler (mydoctortennant) wrote in just_kiss_her,
Jen the Enabler


My self and mercscilla have had what we call: an idea.

We were wondering whether or not you fabulous members of ours would like to do a Last Author Standing. If you don't know what one is, basically it's a challenge where every challenge an author (who receives the least amount of votes) gets eliminated and the last author standing wins! (Quite what, we're not quite sure!)

EDIT: So another idea batting around is to have more of a anon. vote of fics through a few rounds with people voting and people getting points then at the end of the rounds the ones with the most points get prizes (I'm thinking a few Lj tokens?) What do people think about that instead?

Poll #1776173 Last Author Standing?

Would you participate in a LAS?

Well, obviously!
If I've got the time...
Not for me...
I'd be a happy reader/voter!

Thanks for voting!

- All entries and voting will be done anon. to save it being a popularity contest and being about the quality of the writing/story/characterisation.

- Each round will have a word limit and a theme.

- Each writing period will be between 1-2 weeks (probably 2?) with a voting period of 3-7 days.
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