Jen the Enabler (mydoctortennant) wrote in just_kiss_her,
Jen the Enabler

Primeval_Denial Team Fest :: JKH DRABBLE TAG

Rules and Info

  • For every prompt you fill you earn TWO BONUS POINTS for primeval_denial's Team Fest!
  • Each prompt must be related to Jess in some way (and involve a sprinkling of our Captain)
  • You may prompt as many prompts as you can come up with.
  • You may respond to as many prompts as you like.
  • You may respond to a prompt that already has a response.
  • You may response with art or fiction.
  • Post your responses as a reply to the prompt you are filling.
  • You may post your response in your own journal. If you do, please post the link to your entry as a reply to the prompt you are filling.
  • We call it a drabble tag, but they can be as long as you like.
  • Please include in your response title, rating and any spoiler warnings in the subject line.
  • You do NOT need to be a member to participate in prompting or responding.
  • You can include any other characters or pairings in your responses as long as Jess/Becker is the main focus.
  • All fills will be collected in the Fill List at the end of the month.
For more information about Team Fest head over to primeval_denial here!
N.B. There will also be a Becker month in June. Just in case you were wondering!
Tags: !drabble-tag, !mod-post, !team-fest

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