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Just Kiss Her Already :: The Jess/Becker Prompt Tag Comm

because we're all a little bit brilliant

Just Kiss Her Already : The Jess/Becker Prompt Tag
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A Jess/Becker Prompt Tag Community
We are a fanfiction based community that came to life after mydoctortennant decided to run a drabble tag on her writing journal post 5x06 of Primeval when Jess and Becker didn't get the moment us shippers had been waiting for and thus this idea came to light. Keep the pairing alive through weekly prompts that can be filled by whomever with the occasional drabble tag thrown in!

Basic Rules and Info... just 'cause we should

You don't need to be a member to comment on the fics posted, but you DO need to be a member to post.

Each week either mercscilla or mydoctortennant will post a theme (along with a brief reminder of the rules) which people can post their prompts.

Unless a drabble tag, you post your responses like you would to any other fanfiction community, tagging your post with the appropriate week and highlighting which prompt you've gone for.

Art is also accepted.

Remember to let the prompter know you've responded to their prompt.

When you post your fictions/arts to the comm remember to include the following information: title, author/artist, rating, author/artist notes and brief summary/description, along with any and all SPOILER WARNINGS. Please be aware that until series five airs on ITV it will be considered spoilery for those who haven't been able to watch it.

Once a month there will be a drabble tag in which the responses will be posted in the comments and an archive kept. When this is the case it will be clearly stated.

All fictions must be Jess/Becker. No hate for them will be tolerated, any negative behaviour will be monitored and dealt with accordingly.

You may advertise comms, events and general other stuff to do with Jess and Becker freely but if it is anything else please ask in the page-a-mod post.

If you ever have any questions do not hesitate to ask mercscilla or mydoctortennant or leave a comment in the page-a-mod post and one of us will get back to you ASAP.

Remember that we love you for taking part no matter what way it is!

The Original Drabble Tag

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